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Display Version Information

Summary: An example of how we can use an AssemblyInfo file to show version information on our pageSocialize it

There may be cases when we would like to display some information about our application (such as it's name, description or build number). Fortunately, we can enter this information ourselves by creating a file named AssemblyInfo.vb and placing it in the App_Code folder. Here's an example of what to include in this file:

You can see that we have sections where we can enter attributes such as the Title and Description of the site. Also, at the bottom of the file, we can set the version information of the site. You can do this by including the full major, minor, build and revision numbers yourself e.g. ( or you can just set the major and minor numbers and use a wildcard for the build and revision so that ASP.NET generates them automatically (which is what I have done in the example above).

To display this information, I've created a simple page with a label to display the data:

We then need to use the System.Reflection class to iterate through all of this information and display it on the page:

When we run this page, we will see an output similar to this:

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